Hi, I'm Cat. 

I'm a digital marketer specializing in social media strategy, content creation, and lifestyle editing. As a consultant, I work with several clients across varying industries—marketing agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses.

On most days, you can find me working remotely in Orlando, Florida (that's where the magic is, after all). If you're a local creative, consider bringing your project to #WriteNight on Wednesday evenings. ☕

You can email me at catherinetrestini@gmail.com or tweet me @CatTrestini.

My Background

I got a lick of experience in startup and agency life the past six years, working in the digital space. Being a self-starter, I was able to unleash my creativity and help newer businesses with all things marketing: advertising, branding, content, project management, public relations, photography, social media strategy—you name it, I've probably done some of it.

My Education

Being from Southern New Jersey, I studied at Rutgers University—New Brunswick, earning my BA in Comparative Literature and Visual Art. This was the foundation for my work in social media—literary theory, storytelling, and writing through various mediums. Ultimately, I learned how to read a "text" and create a narrative through books, film, photography, and so on.

I have always been attracted to the arts and humanities growing up. Since the third grade, I've obsessively read. At fifteen, I picked up a camera and couldn't put it down. By high school, you couldn't stop me in English class.

My Future

I spend my free time understanding empathy, practicing compassion, and strengthening my relationships. You're likely to find me in a vegan-friendly coffee shop around town with my nose in my laptop. I'm passionate about the plant-based lifestyle, and my number one hobby is eating delicious vegan food as much as possible. Despite my aunt's declaration that this is just a phase, I've been practicing the vegetarian/vegan philosophy since 2011.

My goal in 2018 is to work with a wonderful brand in the plant-based industry. If you're feeling generous, you can help make my dream come true with an intro or referral. 🐾